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Bring your destinations to life. Captivate visitors with
Augmented Reality experiences. Offer multi-lingual AI tour
guide services for exceptional tourist experiences

Personalized - Augmented - Immersive

Amaze Travelers with Engaging Experiences at
Every Destination
Turn your Destination Interactive for Unmatched Travel Experience …
And Achieve Outstanding Results.
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Increase in visitor spending with AR in Tourism

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Achieve higher conversion rates compared to products without Augmented Reality (AR) content

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Of consumers prefer AR for planning to help users make informed decisions about the destination of choice – Source (Kantar&Sanpchat Travel Report)

Bring Locations to Life with Verofax AR Overlays

Verofax Partnered with Toursim Authorities Across the Region to Help Grow Tourist Arrivals, Spend & Satisfaction
Increase Spend with AI Itinerary Planner
Personalized and dynamic itineraries based on travelers’ profiles, adapting to their schedule and preferences
Multilingual Navigation at Key Destinations
Help tourist navigate in their own language and discover what your destination has to offer
Elevated Tourist Experiences
Gamified experiences to drive word-of-mouth promotion, boosting tourists satisfaction, and encouraging longer stays.

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Garnering Five-Star Ratings on Clutch, Capterra, & Microsoft
Trusted by Fortune 100 Enterprises
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