The Future of Fashion Clothing Labels: Digital Labels

From textile origins to care instructions, knowing the story behind our clothes has never been more important. Now, the fashion industry is on the brink of a technological revolution, led by the growing adoption of QR code labels. Pioneering brands such as Resonance, BruceGlen, and Eon are leading this shift, each advocating for a future […]

Hack: Turn your consumers into lifelong advocates with 1 simple trick.

Clickbait-y yes, but don’t worry. I actually meant what I said in the title.  You may have come across some of those guides that teach you the correct way to treat a customer and convert them for life. This is not that. While I do intend to cover the basics, what I’m sharing today is […]

Rocket-fuelled results: Verofax is scaling up

Verofax is a traceability specialist for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands. By creating a digital passport for each item in an inventory, and situating all of those passports within a digital twin, the startup makes inventories interactive and entirely traceable – driving highly accurate brand metrics and operational excellence. Verofax won the Artificial Intelligence award […]

How Augmented Reality & Smart Cities Mesh

Introduction to Augmented Reality What’s the story behind AR? Augmented Reality is a game-changer in the realm of technology. It’s like a secret lens that exposes an invisible layer of information right on top of our physical world. From enhancing gaming experiences to aiding complex surgeries, AR is creating waves. But, did you know it […]

Retail’s Unlikely Savior

The retail industry has been facing numerous challenges, most notably, a global pandemic, declining footfall in brick-and-mortar stores, and customer reluctance towards physical interactions. These hurdles have given rise to an urgent need for creative solutions. Recent developments suggest augmented reality (AR) technology might be retail’s unexpected savior, transforming the way consumers shop. Retail’s Pains […]

Marketing’s Cookie-Less Future

The advertising and marketing landscape is on the brink of a significant shift towards privacy, leading us toward a cookie-less future. Over the past decade, marketers have leveraged third-party cookies to fine-tune their approaches, foster brand-customer relationships, and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns [[1](]. However, increasing concerns over data privacy and the misuse of […]

The Future of Sustainable Labels, How Everyone Can Get Involved.

In a landmark move, France recently enacted a regulation requiring clothing items to carry labels detailing their precise climate impact. While this regulation reflects an important step towards greater transparency and sustainability in the fashion industry, it presents a significant challenge due to the complexity of measuring a garment’s environmental footprint. That’s because measuring the […]

Verofax Partners with Twin Science, Sponsoring Scientific Research on Sustainability.

Verofax, a Smart serialization and traceability solution provider recently joined forces with children’s STEM app Twin Science & Robotics, in sponsoring a scientific expedition to Antarctica to research the effects of microplastics on life, the environment and the melting of ice caps. Verofax, Twin Science & Robotics, and LikeToBe share a common aim of providing […]

Verofax Wins Artificial Intelligence Award at LEAP23

Verofax, the leading MarTech solution for marketing and operational efficiencies, was crowned the winner of the Artificial Intelligence Award at the Rocket Fuel Startup Competition during the LEAP 2023 event in Riyadh (Feb 6-9). The award, powered by the Saudi Arabian National Technology Development Program and worth $150,000, recognizes Verofax’s disruptive approach to product digitization, utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence and computer […]

Verofax to raise US$750,000 on Beban Crowdfunding Platform

Verofax, the leader in brand marketing and AI-powered solutions for enterprise, was featured on Beban 2 (Episode 9, Mar 1, 2023), the hit entrepreneur & investment-themed reality TV program airing on Bahrain TV, Alrai TV and Dubai TV, as well as Shahid, the region’s largest video-on-demand platform. Beban is the world’s first TV show to provide an interactive crowdfunding element – Beban […]