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Offer Sustainable, Eco-Labeled Products & Access Regulated Markets

Upsell validated products and win consumer mind share.
Of consumers have become greener in their purchasing.
Of consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to reduce environmental impact
$1 billion
Patagonia’s dedication to environmental sustainability has driven steady revenue growth, reaching approximately $1 billion annually.
Cater to Eco-Conscious Consumers
Provide eco-conscious consumers with options featuring sustainable sourcing, validated through a secure blockchain.
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Access Regulated Markets
Certification with eco-labels such as USDA Organic and EU eco-label open doors to EU and US markets that prioritize sustainable products and services, expanding business opportunities and customer base.
Direct to Consumer Engagement
Engage consumers with personalized experiences and enable them to measure their lifestyle impact.
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Our Services

Smart Serialization and Traceability Platform: Putting Your Sustainability Strategies into Action
Effortless Compliance with Eco Label and Sustainability Regulations
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Effortless Eco-Label Deployment
Implement eco-labels and ensure seamless compliance with sustainability regulations.
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Digital Passport ID for Sustainability Transparency
Provide detailed product information, including origin, materials, and sustainability certifications, ensuring verifiable eco-friendly claims.
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Support and Training
Effortless integration with existing systems and workflows in a matter of 120 days
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Smart Guidance for Sustainable Operations & Regulated Market access
Expert consultancy driving sustainable operations through informed guidance and strategic insights.

Verofax Track and trace Solution

Screen Suppliers with Sustainability Index
Enhance Operational Efficiency for Smooth Eco-Label Regulation Compliance

Quick Returns

End To End Traceability

Fast Deployment

Patient engagement & insights​

Safety And Trust Assurance​

Data Privacy and Security Compliance


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See What Our Clients Are Raving About

Verofax solution for interactive packaging improved acquisition and engagement during our FIFA World Cup promotion. By turning our products into a direct-to-consumer communication channel we observed higher ROI on promotional marketing and better data-driven decisions.

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Rodrigo Cabalierro Global Director for Premium Brands

We are confident that Verofax’s Credit Scoring solution will bring a level of innovation to the banking industry that is both convenient and safe. The sought solution will ultimately simplify money matters for our customers securely, and it will streamline internal operations while providing them with data-backed intelligence, allowing us to deliver an exceptional level of service.

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Wesam Baqer Chief Corporate & Institutional Banking of BisB

Tracer selected Verofax as a solution provider for its smart traceability and serialization to help retailers’ clear perishables with value offers, direct to shopper, co-funded by suppliers. With Verofax, Tracer can improve on food waste prevention and freshness
management solutions to reduce waste by up to 30% in retail.

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Khalid Roumieh CEO and Founder - Tracer

We are thrilled to choose Verofax as partners in creating digital memories. Stonses approached Verofax with the problem of lack in personalized metaverse event halls allowing for connecting loved ones and tele-celebrations. Verofax served as the best interoperable platform that is easy to use and fast to deploy offering users immersive experiences with privacy and security.

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Miha Balek Executive Director of Auri

Shopper's preference is shifting towards brands that adopt values such as sustainability, environmentally friendly and community engagement. Auri and Verofax share these core values and have teamed up to provide consumers with a seamless application to validate brand claims and increase direct engagement.

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Kristy Yong Baqer Executive Director of Auri
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