CPG Martech.

Reach customers at the point of purchase.

Your in-store, direct-to-consumer channel.

Increase your influence at the most crucial juncture.
Deliver low-friction knowledge, promotion & rewards at the point of decision.
Derive granular data for AI-powered insights and optimized resource allocation.






The need for CPG Martech.

Rodrigo Cabaleiro

Director for premium global brands.

"Verofax solutions for interactive packaging improved our results in terms of customer acquisition and engagement during our FIFA World Cup 2022 promotion.

By turning our products into a direct-to-consumer communication channel, we observed a heigher ROI on promotional marketing and better data-driven decision-marking."

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Validated Results


Higher promotional conversion rates than online ads.


Lower cost of customer acquisition.


Higher requrchase rate.

Your products could be your best marketing channel.

Deploy low-friction channels such as QR codes or computer vision through your for higher promotional engagement and conversion rates.
Stop relying on trade promotion management and take control of your promotional activity in multi-brand stores.
Form production to product journey, proudly share your brand values and align with your customer.
We create digital profiles for each item to track its origins, measure impact and ensure authenticity. Supported by Microsoft Azure.
Leverage intelligently designed augmented reality through your products to engage & create memorable experiences.

Supporting technology

Computer vision

Trun your best product into a trigger for all smartphones.

Turn any unique item or feature from your venue into a scannable entry point for any smartphone.

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One top access.

Frictionless access to: Knowledge

Additionally, track all unique scans and improve demand forecast.

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Our Process.

Mapping your venue

Implement in 120 days.

Designing the experience

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Immersion makes a difference.

Higher engagement.



Try AR marketing.

Where you can find us.

A better way to connect.
The shopping experience they want.
The next step in retail.

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