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Turn EU Carbon Tax Compliance into a Competitive Edge

Secure your market access and shield your business from penalties with Verofax’s automated Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) system
Companies will face penalties of up to 10% of their global turnover for poor emission reporting
EU Carbon Tax on Footprint on importers
Carbon tax revenue collected from importers in 2022 by 15 countries showed European nations leading in global carbon tax earnings

EU Carbon regulation challenges

Navigate the Transition: Ensure Compliance and Accreditation by January 1, 2026
Operators must swiftly comply within the transition period, which lasts until January 1, 2026, for
report verification and ISO Certification Accreditation.
The primary challenge lies in adopting systems capable of accurately calculating scope 3 emissions, as current ERP and lifecycle assessment tools are not capable of aggregating and verifying these emissions. Verofax MRV Solution addresses this by enabling the verifiable stitching and aggregation of emission data from various stages across your supply chain, by collecting raw data and storing it on an immutable and verifiable ledger. Verofax MRV Solution streamlines data collection for compliance, helping you gain the trust of EU importers

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compliance Timeline

By January 1, 2026, Importers Must Have Verifiable Greenhouse Gas Emission Reports
What Do you Need to Do to Ensure Compliance?
If you are exporting cement, iron and steel, aluminum, fertilizers, electricity, or hydrogen to EU countries or global partners, you must ensure compliance with the CBAM regulation by January 1, 2026 by following these steps
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Assess Your Current Emissions

Assess your emissions per ton and evaluate the status of your equipment to determine if it is energy-intensive. Examine your supply chain efficiency, focusing on the use of low-energy materials.

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Report in a Validated Way

Utilize a validated reporting system, to accurately track and report your emissions per shipment and shield your business from supplier claims and prevent double counting. This ensures transparency and compliance with regulations while building trust with importers

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Transition to Decarbonized Operations

Transform your operations to become more energy-efficient. Lower your energy mix and invest in energy-efficient machinery to reduce emissions, upsell your products, and secure long-term agreements with European importers.

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Our Services

Verofax your End-to-End Compliance Partner
Simplify your business transition to EU carbon regulations
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Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Solution for Tracking Emissions
Lifecycle Assessment for complex supply chain. Ensuring seamless clearance at EU borders
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With Computer Vision, Digital Passport, and IoT Sensors
Prevent double counting and enable quality data aggregation with our patent technologies
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Comprehensive Quality Management Compliant with ​ISO/TS 14067, ISO 14064
Ensure CBAM compliance with Verofax lifecycle solution that meet ISO 14064/67 standards
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Support and Training
Effortless integration with existing systems and workflows for quick deployment
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Intelligent Guidance to Sustainable Operations for Compliance
Helping you reduce your emission footprint, enhance your energy mix, explore alternative material sourcing and optimize your processes with our expert guidance to avoid tariffs
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Verofax Marketplace a Hub for Decarbonizing Industries
One-stop shop for the accreditation, assessment, auditing, reporting, and procurement of low carbon footprint materials and decarbonization solutions

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Verofax solution for interactive packaging improved acquisition and engagement during our FIFA World Cup promotion. By turning our products into a direct-to-consumer communication channel we observed higher ROI on promotional marketing and better data-driven decisions.

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Rodrigo Cabalierro Global Director for Premium Brands

We are confident that Verofax’s Credit Scoring solution will bring a level of innovation to the banking industry that is both convenient and safe. The sought solution will ultimately simplify money matters for our customers securely, and it will streamline internal operations while providing them with data-backed intelligence, allowing us to deliver an exceptional level of service.

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Wesam Baqer Chief Corporate & Institutional Banking of BisB

Tracer selected Verofax as a solution provider for its smart traceability and serialization to help retailers’ clear perishables with value offers, direct to shopper, co-funded by suppliers. With Verofax, Tracer can improve on food waste prevention and freshness
management solutions to reduce waste by up to 30% in retail.

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Khalid Roumieh CEO and Founder - Tracer

We are thrilled to choose Verofax as partners in creating digital memories. Stonses approached Verofax with the problem of lack in personalized metaverse event halls allowing for connecting loved ones and tele-celebrations. Verofax served as the best interoperable platform that is easy to use and fast to deploy offering users immersive experiences with privacy and security.

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Miha Balek Executive Director of Auri

Shopper's preference is shifting towards brands that adopt values such as sustainability, environmentally friendly and community engagement. Auri and Verofax share these core values and have teamed up to provide consumers with a seamless application to validate brand claims and increase direct engagement.

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Kristy Yong Baqer Executive Director of Auri
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Wassim Merheby
Wassim, our CEO, is the visionary leader bridging connections across all domains, consistently leading the charge in Web 3 and tech innovation across diverse sectors.
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Hiren Patel
Co- Founder & CTO
Hiren is a seasoned expert in Web 3 technologies and sustainability solutions. With his guidance, businesses not only grow but also transform in competitive markets.
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Nisreen Shadad
Head of Sustainability
With 12 years of experience in Innovation and International Business, Nisreen is dedicated to transforming business sustainability through innovation.


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